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Straight Hair Essentials

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What is included

This 2-piece set includes a 8oz Straight Hair Shampoo and a 8oz Straight Hair Conditioner.
Straight Hair Shampoo
Straight Hair Conditioner
Key Benefits

  • This Straight Hair Essentials promotes elasticity and resilience, removes buildup while adding lift at the roots, and enhances scalp circulation to support hair growth and prevent breakage.

  • The shampoo gently dissolves daily impurities, product buildup, dirt, and excess oil, while the conditioner hydrates and conditions the hair.

  • Comparison of straight hair before and after using Function of Beauty best sellers
    How to Use

    • 1. Begin by applying the Best Seller Shampoo to wet hair, massaging it into a lather.

    • 2. Rinse and repeat the shampooing process if necessary.

    • 3. Follow the shampoo with an ample amount of Best Seller Conditioner. Ensure even coverage from mid-shaft to ends.

    • 4. Leave the conditioner on for 1-2 minutes before thoroughly rinsing it out.

    Key Ingredients

    Combined in a unique blend created just for your hair, every hair mask formula starts with these two ingredients:

    Argan Oil

    Hydrates, nourishes, and softens hair while boosting shine.

    Jojoba Esters

    Helps with detangling, smoothes, reduces frizz and adds shine.


    What's the difference between Best Sellers and custom formulas?

    Custom formulas stem from our hair quiz, where you define hair goals, fragrance, formula color, and more. As for Best Sellers, trust us – we've packed in the most popular hair goals, formula colors, and fragrance for a speedy and convenient shopping experience.

    If I'm already subscribed to a custom formula, can I still try Best Sellers?

    Absolutely – just pick your desired set, customize it for your hair texture, and proceed to checkout! Please note that currently, you can't blend custom formulas and Best Sellers into one order or subscription.

    Do I need a subscription to try Best Sellers?

    Nope, you're never required to subscribe.

    Haircare as Unique as You

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    Curly Hair



    Beet Root Extract

    Helps prevent split ends, improves elasticity and moisturizes.

    Cactus Extract

    Fights free radicals and protects the hair from thermal heat damage.

    Quinoa Protein

    Rich in amino acids, helps ease styling and smooths hair.

    Personal + Proven Results

    This stuff is UNREAL! After just ONE use my hair felt better than it has in years.


    Our Impact


    less carbon than a typical shampoo


    less waste than a typical shampoo